Natural Health Centre "connecting you to better health and well-being"

 Services include:

Bowen Therapy and Massage

Transpersonal & Emotional Release Counselling

Ear Candling

and a variety of retail health products

Connectology Natural Health Centre provides holistic and complimentary health care and well-being services to all clients through individualized treatments and treatment programs.


Caring for you Helping you connect to and maintain harmony, well-being and better health.


To work holistically With a holistic understanding of oneself, other (both client and peers), the wider community and the environment.


To share our knowledge and skills with the wider community in an environment conducive to healing.


To include an awareness of body, mind and emotion in all treatment plans, and to facilitate the growth and awareness of our clients’ potential health and wellbeing.


Connectology Natural Health Centre

“Connecting you to better health and wellbeing”

Health n. 1. Soundness of body; freedom from disease or ailment. 2. The general condition of the body or mind.

Wellbeing n. good or satisfactory condition of existence; welfare.

Holistic n. relating to a medical approach which treats the whole body rather than particular manifestations of a disease/symptom.

(Macquarie Dictionary 3rd edition)